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Enslaved People in 1794

Enslaved People at Joel Lane’s Plantation
From Will Dated Oct, 1794:

Austen Willed to John Lane
Peter to John Lane
Affie to John Lane
Clansey to John Lane
Jim Boy to Thomas Lane
Jeffry to Thomas Lane
Cloye to Thomas Lane
Virgil to Joel Hinton Lane
Hinton to Joel Lane Hinton Lane
Rose to Joel Hinton Lane
Sam to Martha Lane
Phill to Martha Lane
Sally to Martha Lane
Getawney to Martha Lane
Davie to Dolly Lane
Britain to Dolly Lane
Judy to Dolly Lane
Ben to Grisseal Lane
Selvey to Grisseal Lane
Bukey to Grisseal Lane
Will to Mary Lane
Old Ned to Mary Lane
Old Rose to Mary Lane
Vilot to Mary Lane
Hasty to Mary Lane
Young Ned to Mary Lane
Archer to Mary Lane
Cate to Mary Lane
Suckey to Mary Lane

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Thank you.  You help[sic] me learn everything to know about the Joel Lane House! When the cabinet door open[sic] it gave a few of us a scare! Merry Christmas.