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Jacob’s Ladders are back in stock in the gift shop!

The wooden Jacob’s Ladder toys are still only $8.50 each including tax. If you live out of town and would like to order them, our minimum shipping and handling charge is $8.00.

There is debate as to whether Jacob’s Ladders were in use in the 18th century. The earliest reference we have found to them is in the early 19th century, after Joel Lane’s death.

While the toy may not be authentic to the 18th century, we find that it is not only fun to play, but also educational. The young (and not so young!) are fascinated as they try to understand the intricacies of its design. In September, our staff and volunteers spent hours in the booth figuring out new ways of using it. Can we say the same about many of the games our children play today?

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Thank you so much for leading us on a guided tour of the Joel Lane House! I had no idea that the kitchen was separate from the main house, and how different the two are. I had always assumed that the most dangerous job for a slave was in the fields, but your expertise showed me that the kitchen (because of the heat and potential for fire) was actually the most dangerous for a slave woman…