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Four Bone-Handled Knives & Four Forks

Four Bone Handled knives and forks - Atlas Works. Forks have 3 tines. Four Knives.

ACC 1983.5

OBJ 1983.5.1; OBJ 1983.5.2; OBJ 1983.5.3; OBJ 1983.5.4; OBJ 1983.5.5; OBJ 1983.5.6; OBJ 1983.5.7; OBJ 1983.5.8

Fork 7 3/4” long - 3 tines

Estimated date: 18 century

Given in memory of Robert Bowden Shepard, Jr.

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Dear Mrs. Mitchell,
You did some good explaining. Now I get what you were saying about that stuff in the house and the kitchen. That fruit in the tree I didn’t get none but people said it was good.