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Transcribe Hand-Written Documents

Help us learn more about the Lane family by transcribing hand-written documents from the 18th century!

Is your ability to read cursive good? Want to improve it? Then help us transcribe hand-written documents concerning the Lane family and their neighbors. Reading and deciphering old documents gives the reader a fascinating insight into local history. Wake County Court minutes from the 18th century have been transcribed, but many other documents have not.

It is very difficult to interpret a document that can’t be read fluently, so you would be helping us uncover more of the missing information about Joel Lane, his family, and even the enslaved who lived on his plantation. A big thank you goes to Jolee who has transcribed the first document for us!

We’ve listed links below for various documents concerning the Lanes and their neighbors. Please download a document, and if you decide to give it a try, use the contact button to let us know which one you have chosen before you start so you won’t duplicate someone else’s efforts. Thank you for the gift of your time!

Here’s a sample of what we are trying first to decipher and then to understand:



Links to documents:


What visitors say

Thank you for touring us around the Joel Lane House. Our architecture and the way we live has come a long way throughout the years. You really gave us great information on what life was like back when Joel Lane was alive. They lived in very harsh conditions with no heat or air condition which would be very tough today. I appreciate all your help and time put in to tour us around the house.