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VIRTUAL Spring Cocktail Party 2020

The Wake County Committee’s Spring Cocktail Party to benefit the Joel Lane Museum House is moving online for 2020.

A morsel of genuine history, a thing so rare as to be always valuable.

—Thomas Jefferson, 1817

Dear Friends of the Joel Lane Museum House,

This 251st year of the Joel Lane Museum House is one of vibrant renewal, though a little bit quieter than we had hoped. Even as the spring blossoms emerge, fresh new paint in a lush garnet-red hue that hasn’t been seen for two centuries is being applied to the Lane House. Now is the time for the Wake Dames’ traditional Spring Cocktail Party—with a responsible social distancing twist.

We had planned to gather on May 6 for our traditional celebration of the Joel Lane Museum House and the important work our little museum does in this community, and to raise money for this excellent cause. In light of the current situation with the novel coronavirus, it would be neither safe nor wise to assemble in person. But the cause remains, and the need is greater than ever, so we request your help through this virtual party, to support the little red house we love. All proceeds from the fundraiser will support the Joel Lane House.

Now more than ever, we need your help in the important work to preserve the Joel Lane Museum House and ensure the continuation of its outstanding educational programs, lectures, advocacy, and historical and patriotic events. Though we have suspended public programs, staff remain active, overseeing the continued paint restoration, tending the grounds, refining our programming, and preparing to bounce back, refreshed, when we are all able to safely gather for a grand reopening. In the meantime, however, all tour revenue is lost. The Joel Lane Museum House is not city-, county-, or state-owned or affiliated. It relies wholly on the generosity of private donors for its survival, and the Spring Party is an irreplaceable source of support.

Please give generously, as we join in spirit as we cannot in person. As always, JLMH remembers the past as we look to the future—and the future is bright.

What visitors say

Thank you for touring us around the Joel Lane House. Our architecture and the way we live has come a long way throughout the years. You really gave us great information on what life was like back when Joel Lane was alive. They lived in very harsh conditions with no heat or air condition which would be very tough today. I appreciate all your help and time put in to tour us around the house.