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New in the Gift Shop—Handmade Lavender-Filled Sachets!

Volunteers at the Joel Lane Museum House have just produced gorgeous handmade lavender-filled sachets. Using old lace and linens donated by the local Colonial Dames chapter, the ladies have produced a wide assortment of fragrant sachets just in time for holiday gift giving. The lavendar was locally grown, and the sachets are wrapped in clear cellophane bags and are tied with a lavendar bow and descriptive card. Each one is unique, so let us choose for you. To purchase, click here: Sachet Purchase

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Thank you for touring us around the Joel Lane House. Our architecture and the way we live has come a long way throughout the years. You really gave us great information on what life was like back when Joel Lane was alive. They lived in very harsh conditions with no heat or air condition which would be very tough today. I appreciate all your help and time put in to tour us around the house.