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Building Campaign 2011

Please help us with our Building Campaign 2011! The need for storage space has become desperate—even some museum spaces are crammed with chairs, tables, and other supplies. Storage in the upstairs of the “Kitchen” building is dangerous—the steps are quite steep and very narrow. Because the courtyard is heavily used at events, the grassy areas are dirt most of the year and have recently been pavedwith new bricks.

Purchase a paver and help raise the roof of a new storage building and pave the courtyard. Until March 31, the price per brick is $50. On April 1, the cost will go to $60. You may have your paver engraved to commemorate an event or honor or remember a person. Click here to download a form: Pavers.Form_.2011_.01_.04w_logo_.doc

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Thank you so much for letting our IB Human Geography class come tour the Joel Lane house. I really enjoyed learning about how high-class people lived back them. I was surprised to hear that they were always working and had no time to themselves. I was also shocked at the size of the beds. They were so small! You two really played good parts and made me feel like I was really back in those times.