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Docents’ Appreciation Day Held at House in the Horseshoe

Docents’ Appreciation Day was held at House in the Horseshoe on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. Six docents and the Curator drove to Sanford to visit the Alston House, also known as the House in the Horseshoe. Built in 1772, the house still bears many bullet holes from a skirmish in 1781 between David Fanning, loyalist, and Alston’s Patriots. Though it was a cool, cloudy day, the picnic on those historic grounds was enjoyed by all. The wheat growing in the fields was about knee height and added a beautiful golden glow to the landscape.

We are so grateful for all the time and energy that our docents give to the Joel Lane Museum House! They do a fabulous job of fulfilling our mission of educating the public.

Docents and Historic Interpreter
Docents and Curator on the front porch

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Thank you so much for leading us on a guided tour of the Joel Lane House! I had no idea that the kitchen was separate from the main house, and how different the two are. I had always assumed that the most dangerous job for a slave was in the fields, but your expertise showed me that the kitchen (because of the heat and potential for fire) was actually the most dangerous for a slave woman…