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New in the Museum Shop—Cheese Straws from Salem Kitchen and Sherd Pendants

New in the Museum Shop—Cheese Straws from Salem Kitchen and Sherd Pendants!
The cheese straws from Salem Kitchen come in 1/2 pound and 1 pound eco-friendly Kraft gift boxes and sell for $.75 and $16.25. Recently featured in Garden & Gun Magazine’s holiday gift guide and advertised as “best in the south,” they are sealed in an inner bag. Ingredients are cheese, flour, salt, and real butter—no artificial ingredients. Sorry, they cannot be shipped and are available only in the store.
The gorgeous sherd pendants are made from 100 to 300 year-old pottery sherds and sterling silver. The largest are $58 and we have a few at $48. They are one-of-a-kind, and individual ones are subject to prior sale. Perfect for the lady who loves jewelry (and who doesn’t?) and history!

image Salem Kitchen Cheese Straws

image Sherd Pendants

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Thank you so much for letting our IB Human Geography class come tour the Joel Lane house. I really enjoyed learning about how high-class people lived back them. I was surprised to hear that they were always working and had no time to themselves. I was also shocked at the size of the beds. They were so small! You two really played good parts and made me feel like I was really back in those times.