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Staff Changes at the Joel Lane Museum House

​My name is Lanie Hubbard, and after three years as a docent here, I’m honored to take on the position of Director of the Joel Lane Museum House. I love this museum, and am delighted to continue the work of sharing it with the world. I am an alumna of the University of Tulsa, where I received both my BA and MA, and developed a passion for teaching, researching, and finding exciting new ways to share the stories of our past with new audiences.

I’m also delighted to introduce our new staff docent, Sarah Soleim. Sarah is a Ph.D. student in Public History at NC State. She brings an infectious enthusiasm to the role.

Kathy Ruse continues as our indispensable Assistant Director.

Please feel free to drop by anytime. We would love to see you here!

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Thank you so much for letting our IB Human Geography class come tour the Joel Lane house. I really enjoyed learning about how high-class people lived back them. I was surprised to hear that they were always working and had no time to themselves. I was also shocked at the size of the beds. They were so small! You two really played good parts and made me feel like I was really back in those times.