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On-Site Presentations

Can’t bring your clients to us? On-site presentations are available for adult groups.

Costumed docents bring the 18th century to life in your facility with Hands-On History. On-Site presentations for adult groups include a costumed docent with a basket of reproduction artifacts that your clients can touch. The modules are designed to stimulate both the mind and the sense of touch through directed questioning and handling objects. Fee is $50 per module for a 45-minute presentation.

Schedule an On-Site Visit by clicking the Contact Us button above or phoning 919-833-3431.

Choose from seven different Hands-on History demonstration modules using reproduction artifacts:

Artistic Expressions: Baskets and Pottery. How the artistic expressions of various groups represent the cultural heritage of North Carolina.

Clothing: How Did Men and Women Dress? Docents show accurate reproduction clothing. One male and one female participant may be invited to don the clothes over their own.

Colonial Schooling: What and Where Did Children Learn? Artifacts and images bring old-time education to life.

Gender Roles: Lady’s Pocket or Soldier’s Haversack. What did people carry as personal articles?

Liar’s Club: What Is It, How Was It Made, and Why Was It Important? Through guided questions, docents present reproduction artifacts and help participants use deductive reasoning to determine the object’s purpose.

Life Without Electricity. Explore how people cooked and lit their homes.

Work or Play—Chores and Toys. Children’s roles in colonial times.

The links below offer more details on the objectives for each module.


Liar’s Club: What Is It, How Was It Made, and Why Was It Important?
Artistic Expressions: Baskets and Pottery
Colonial Clothing
Colonial Schooling
Gender Roles
Life Without Electricity
Work and Play: Chores and Toys

What visitors say

Thank you for giving us a tour of the Joel Lane House.  It was fun and amazing.  I learned something.  Thank you. T.h.j.h.

Caleb H.