In-School Presentations

Can’t bring your students out for a field trip?  We can come to you.

Schedule an On-Site Classroom Visit

Costumed docents bring the 18th century to life in the classroom with Hands-On History.

Cost: $1.00 per student per module. Please allow 15-30 minutes per module depending on children’s ages.

Teacher must remain in the classroom. Teacher packet available by email after visit is confirmed.


Hands-on History Demonstration Modules Using Reproduction Artifacts appropriate for K-5th grade:

Artistic Expressions How the artistic expressions of various groups represents the cultural heritage of North Carolina, using baskets and pottery. Meets Common Core Standard 4c.1.2.
What Is It?: Using everyday objects from the colonial period, students will learn what they were, how they were made, and why the object was important.
Work and Play: Students will learn about colonial children’s chores and toys,
Clothing: Students will learn about colonial clothing, and can try on clothing pieces.
Gender Roles: Students will see the different objects contained in a Lady’s Pocket or Soldier’s Haversack.
Colonial Schooling: Students will learn about schooling during the colonial period.
Life Without Electricity: Students will discuss the differences between life now and life in the past.


For 6th-HS:

Artifact Discovery is designed for the older child who can handle the additional challenge of recording their observations about unfamiliar artifacts. The goal is to encourage the young people to think like archaeologists and curators. They are broken into small groups and don the white gloves (which are used by museum professionals) to safely handle artifacts. As a group, they try to determine what the objects are or were used for by observing, discussing, and recording data and then presenting their hypotheses to the rest of the class.

For more information on a specific unit, please see the files below: