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The knowledge of and study of history is critical to understanding the present and planning for the future.  As responsible citizens of this great nation, we are obliged to look back before we can fully appreciate the present and anticipate the future.

The Joel Lane Museum House is an authentic restoration of an 18th-century manor house. The site provides a vehicle for 21st-century Americans to reflect on what their country means to them and to understand the sacrifices made by their ancestors. Those sacrifices resulted in the freedoms we have today to worship, think, and speak as we wish.

By walking the halls of buildings that were standing while our ancestors were fighting for our freedom as a nation, visitors get the richest possible experience of the past.


What visitors say

Thank you so much for letting our IB Human Geography class come tour the Joel Lane house. I really enjoyed learning about how high-class people lived back them. I was surprised to hear that they were always working and had no time to themselves. I was also shocked at the size of the beds. They were so small! You two really played good parts and made me feel like I was really back in those times.