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Herb Garden

The herb garden is situated adjacent to the Kitchen building for easy access for use in cooking. However, in Joel Lane’s time, herbs had additional uses: as medicines (Feverfew), insecticides (Tansy). to mask odors (Lavender), and as food (Parsley).

Joel Lane’s herb garden may not have been as formal as the present day one at the site with its gravel paths and wooden edging. He certainly grew herbs since they were so important in colonial life. The plan was drawn up in the 1970s by Donald Parker of Colonial Williamsburg. image

What visitors say

Thank you for touring us around the Joel Lane House. Our architecture and the way we live has come a long way throughout the years. You really gave us great information on what life was like back when Joel Lane was alive. They lived in very harsh conditions with no heat or air condition which would be very tough today. I appreciate all your help and time put in to tour us around the house.