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Joel Lane’s Ancestry

The first Thomas Lane arrived at Jamestown in 1613 on the ship Treasorer. Headrights were paid for transport of other Thomas Lanes in 1648, 1653, and 1663. (The 1663 one included his wife, Eliza.)

Thomas Lane. Born 1634. Lived in Surry Co., VA. Married Eliza Sheapard, a widow, in 1654. There’s also a marriage recorded in 1661 to Eliza Jones. In militia list 1687. Will dated 1708, proved 1709.

Joseph Lane. Born circa 1665 in or near Jamestown. Married Jilian or Julian. Lived in Surry County, VA 1688-1702 per land records there. In 1710, owned land in Isle of Wight Co., VA. By 1721 he and Julian owned land in Albemarle Precinct, Chowan Co., NC. He and Julian sold land in Bertie County in 1727. Will not found so may have died intestate.

Joseph Lane. (c.1705- by 1777) May have served as Colonel in the militia. Lived in Halifax County (formed out of Edgecombe County). Married Patience McKennie (b. abt 1707- d. August 5, 1755). His will, written in 1773, was probated in 1777. The couple had six sons:

  1. John (b. c. 1730)
  2. Joseph (b. 4/15/1731, d. 1798)
  3. Jesse (b. July 3, 1733)
  4. Barnabas (b. 1735)
  5. James (b. 1737 or 39)
  6. Joel (b. 1739 d. 3/29/1795)

(For more information on Joel Lane’s siblings, please see the “Joel Lane’s Sibling’s” page.

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Patience McKinnie, Joel Lane’s mother, was the daughter of Barnaby McKinnie (b. abt 1673 - d. aft December 3, 1739) and his first wife Mary (of unknown maiden name).

Barnaby McKinnie and this Mary [McKinnie] (not Mary Exum, who was his 2nd wife), had at least 9 children. Mary [McKinnie] died sometime between Between Jul 22, 1717 and Sept 15, 1719.

  • Mary Jane (b. abt 1702 - d. ?) - married John Brown
  • Mourning (b. abt 1704 - Oct 13, 1754) - Married John Pope
  • Barnaby [Barnaby Jr.] (b. abt 1706 - d. ?)
  • Patience (b. abt 1707 - d. Aug 12, 1755) - Married Joseph Lane
  • John (b. abt 1708 - d. 1753)
  • William (b. abt 1709 - d. bef. Dec 3, 1739)
  • Robert (b. abt 1713 - d. 1762)
  • Christian (b. abt 1715 - d. 1761) - Married William Broad Hurst
  • Richard (abt. 1716 - d. 1755) - Married Mary [Unknown Last Name]

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The source for much of the information on Patience McKinnie and her family was through research done by Chase Brooke, whose research can be found here.

Patience is mentioned in her father’s August 13, 1737 will, readable here.