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JLMH Represented at Couture for a Cause

Thanks to ME3 and Amber Smith’s hard work, JLMH was represented at Couture for a Cause by talented young fashion designer, Karen Huskins. On Friday, November 5, 2010 at the IMAX in Raleigh, many talented young designers showcased their creativity by designing two dresses that they thought embodied the spirit of a local non-profit. It was a really great evening! Our dresses were spectacular. The ready-to-wear dress had a military-inspired theme, and the art-to-wear long dress was inspired by the stays worn by ladies of the 18th century. Hats off to Amber and Karen!

Amber Smith
Karen Huskins, designer (right), and her art-to-wear
Karen Huskins and JLMH’s Curator

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Thank you for the excellent tour of the Joel Lane House.  I learned a lot about the history of Raleigh as well as the Joel Lane House.  I learned how harsh conditions were back then and how we take for granted things they did not have back then.  The structure of houses has really changed a lot since the Joel Lane House was built.