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Raleigh, North Carolina: A Brief History Available in the Gift Shop on December 5, 2009—SOLD OUT

The book entitled, Raleigh, North Carolina: A Brief History by Joe A. Mobley, will be available in the gift shop on December 5, 2009. Joe will be on site at the Christmas Open House on Sunday, December 6th from 1 to 4 pm for a book signing. Plan to stop by and pick up a copy! It will make a great gift for the lover of local history. For more details about the book, click on the following link: Raleigh_NC._Mobley_.2009_.11_.25_.doc. SORRY, THE BOOK IS NOW OUT OF STOCK.

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Thank you.  You help[sic] me learn everything to know about the Joel Lane House! When the cabinet door open[sic] it gave a few of us a scare! Merry Christmas.